Daybreakers (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Daybreakers (2010): Body Count by Eggimann


Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke): 4
Lionel ‘Elvis’ Cormac (Willem Dafoe): 2
Frankie Dalton (Michael Dorman): 2
Christopher Caruso (Vince Colosimo): 6
Alison Bromley (Isabel Lucas): 1
Jarvis Bayom (Christopher Kirby): 1


Opening: 1
Vampire takes suicide by sitting in the sun

Test: 1
A vampire accidentally explodes because of the “cure” injected by Edward

Edward´s House: 1
Mutated vampires Head chopped of by Frankie

Chase: 2
2 vampires in car impaled and then blown up*

Hallway: 1
1 dead body seen taken away.

Road: 11
1 vampire shot by Jarvis
1 vampire shot by Alison
9 vampires shot by the humans

Cabin: 6
5 dead bodies and a decapitated head seen

Street: 9
8 mutated vampires killed by sunlight
Alison killed by sunlight

Back At Edwards House: 1

1 vampire shot by Elvis

Garage: 1

1 vampire shot by Frankie

Elevator: 1

Charles ripped to pieces by vampires

Final Showdown: 39

Frankie killed by vampires
Edward kills 3 vampire though impalement
28 vampires rip each other apart**
6 ex-vampires shot by Chris
Chris shot by Elvis


* Could have been more in the car, it is never shown how many is in it. But i counted 1 driver and 1 guy controlling the gun.
More vampires was probably killed here, but i only counted the ones shown getting killed
** This one is really hard to count. They are all in soldier gear, so they are impossible to differ, but i counted 34 of them entering the lobby, and they all died so that’s my count.