Darkman (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Darkman (1990): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Robert G. Durant (Larry Drake): 9
Smiley (Dan Bell): 9
Darkman (Liam Neeson): 6
Louis Strack, Jr. (Colin Friels): 1
Rick (Ted Raimi): 1


Dockside shootout: 25
-Smiley shoots 8 gang members with Skip’s leg-gun
-1 gang member seen lying dead on crate
-1 gang member hit by speeding car
-Durant shoots car driver, causing it to crash, killing a gunman in the passenger seat
-Durant repeats this for the other car (shoots driver, car crashes killing passenger)
-11 corpses seen strewn about in the aftermath

Trashing Westlake’s lab: 1
-Rick shoots Yakitito

Revenge: 1
-Darkman, interrogating Rick in the sewer, sticks him up through a manhole into rush hour traffic where he’s run over by a truck

“Where is the money, Pauly?”: 1
-Durant throws Pauly out a highrise window

Warehouse assault: 3
-Smiley accidentally shoots Rudy, who he mistook for Darkman
-Darkman throws a goon out of Durant’s helicopter
-Darkman blows Smiley up with a booby trap that destroys the entire building

Helicopter chase: 6
-Durant blows up a police helicopter containing 2 pilots
-Durant blows an ice cream truck containing 1 person
-Durant blows up a car containing at least 1 person
-Darkman attaches the cable of Durant’s helicopter to a truck which pulls the aircraft into an overpass, killing Durant and his pilot

High steel: 2
-Strack accidentally shoots the chain holding his goon up, dropping the goon to his death
-Darkman fights Strack and ultimately drops him off the building


Many more gangsters were probably killed in the shootout with Durant’s men. Also more of Strack’s goons probably died in the exploding warehouse, as there were three or four others presents besides Smiley, but Smiley was the only one shown to be inside when it went off. And then of course there’s Eddie Black, last seen getting his fingers chopped off by Durant, but we don’t know for certain whether Durant kills him.