Cyborg (1989): Body Count Breakdown

Cyborg (1989): Body Count by luvmetender009


Gibson Rickenbacker(Jean Claude Van Damme) – 25
Nady Simmons (Deborah Richter) – 6
Fender Tremolo (Vincent Klyn) – 4


Noble Sacrifice – 2
-A woman’s decomposed corpse could be seen nailed to a cross
-Fender kills Pearl’s escort

Alley – 2
-Gibson slash a pirate’s throat with his own knife
-Gibson stabs a pirate through his back

Swimming to Atlanta – 5
-2 disemboweled corpses seen in ruins
-Pirates slash a man to death
-Fender breaks a woman’s neck
-Fender kills a man offscreen

“For a stupid boat” – 1
-A man’s corpse seen in carnage

Woods – 2

-Gibson stabs a pirate though his stomach
-Gibson snaps a pirate’s neck

Abandoned Construction Site – 7
-Gibson shopots a pirate
-Gibson slash a pirate’s throat with a blade extending from tip of his shoe
-Gibson cuts down another pirate
-GIbson kick a pirate off a balcony
-Pirate accidentally slash one of their own to death held by Gibson as a shield
-Nady pushes a pirate into a wall, causing blade lodged into his back to stab him through the midsection
-Nady knocks a pirate off a balcony

Factory – 7

-Gibson breaks knife-wielding pirate’s neck by pressing his foot on it against a vertical row of pipes
-Gibson shoots 3 pirates
-Gibson slash a pirate
-Gibson shoots 2 more pirates

Sewers – 1
-Gibson stabs pirate sergreant while holding on sides of sewer’s walls with soles of his boots

Swamp – 4
-Nady stabs a woman pirate
-Gibson lands a neck-breaking killer kick on a pirate
-Gibson twists a pirate’s neck
-Gibson stabs another pirate before getting defeated in battle

Night in Atlanta – 7

-Gibson slash a pirate’s throat
-Gibson stabs a pirate through breastplate
-Gibson slash a pirate in mid-air jumping above him
-Nady cuts a pirate’s throat
-Nady stabs a pirate through the midsection
-Gibson kicks trench coat pirate intoi a furnace, incinerating him then blowing him up as he falls back against an abandonede vehicle’s fuel tank
-Nady kills another woman pirate

Final Showdown – 2

-Gibson kicks Fender ointo a meat hook
-Haley’s corpse seeen, succumbing to being wounded earlier by Fender


-Several skulls are seen impaled on spikes, but those weren’t counted.