Con Air (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Con Air [Extended Cut] (1997) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Dr. Judas)


Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom (John Malkovich): 14
Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage): 4
Nathan “Diamond Dog” Jones (Ving Rhames): 4
Vince Larkin (John Cusack): 1
Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi): 1
Swamp Thing (M.C. Gainey): 1
Agent Willie Sims (Jose Zuniga): 1


Opening: 1
-Poe kills Billy Joe with his bare hands

Takeover: 4
-Nathan cuts Bobby’s throat with his handcuffs
-Cyrus forces Mack to shoot Benson and Carls
-Cyrus then shoots Mack with his own gun

Standoff: 2
-Sims shoots Popovich
-Cyrus shoots Sims

“Don’t touch anything”: 3

-Cyrus’ bomb in his prison cell blows up Guards Renfru, Gardner, and Ryan

Landing: 1
-Cyrus shoots Starkey

“So that’s what happened to Pinball!”: 1
-Pinball’s dead body shown

“Put the bunny back in the box”: 1

-Poe impales Billy Bedlam on a pole

“Come on, answer me!”: 1
-Phil’s dead body found in air control tower

“Feel better now?”: 1
-Garland strangles Donald with his handcuffs offscreen (we see the body)

“Cyonara!”: 2
-Cyrus sets the gasoline-soaked jet on fire, blowing up Cindino and his pilot

Airfield Gunfight: 26

-Cyrus and Nathan blow up a police car, killing the driver
-Nathan blows up a military truck, killing its driver
-Cons shoot 1 soldier
-Cyrus shoots 1 soldier
-1 dead soldier seen at front of second police car
-Cons shoot 2 soldiers
-6 soldiers and 1 cop shown dead
-Cyrus blows up a plane, killing 1 nearby soldier in the blast
-2 other dead soldiers shown
-Soldiers shoot 2 cons
-Nathan shoots 1 soldier
-Cyrus shoots 1 soldier
-3 soldiers blown up by exploding plane
-1 soldier shot by a con
-Soldiers shoot 1 con

Vegas Strip Crash Landing: 2
-Swamp Thing accidentally rams a car with the plane full speed, causing it to crash and kill the driver
-Johnny 23 shown to have been killed in the crash

Firetruck Chase: 3
-Poe jumps off his motorycle and it crashes into the firetruck and explodes, blowing up Nathan
-Larkin sprays the firehose into the truck’s cab, causing Swamp Thing to ram into a car and fly through the windshield, killing him
-Poe handcuffs Cyrus onto the truck’s ladder and then raises it, causing Cyrus to crash through a skybridge and fall to the ground and ultimately get crushed by a machine


-1 guard is seen being dragged away by the cons after the takeover but it isn’t made clear if he’s dead or just unconscious.
-Several vehicles are blown up during the airflield gunfight, but they appear to have been abandoned.
-There could’ve been more cons killed during the crash landing, but only Johnny is shown.
-2 cops are seen falling off their bikes in the final chase but their falls don’t look lethal.