Colombiana (2011) Body Count Breakdown

Colombiana (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Cataleya Restrepo (Zoe Saldana): 24
Alicia Restrepo (Cynthia Addai-Robinson): 3
Marco (Jordi Molla): 1
Don Luis (Beto Benites): 1


Tragedy: 7
-Don Luis shoots 1 bodyguard
-Hitmen shoot 2 bodyguards
-Alicia shoots 3 hitmen off-screen
-Hitmen shoot Fabio and Alicia off-screen

Holding Cell: 1
-Cat shoots Geranno Rizz

Assassination Flashbacks: 4

-Cat strangles a woman to death in a bathroom stall
-Cat throws a fan into DeAngelo James’ bathtub, electrocuting him
-Cat shoots the Carmenelo Twins in a sauna

Woogard’s Mansion: 4
-All 3 bodyguards are seen dead, all killed by Cat off-screen
-Cat shoots Woogard in the legs and shoots out the shark tank, causing the blood to attract the sharks who eat Woogard alive

Apartment: 1
-Emilio is seen dead, killed by Marco off-screen

Final Assault: 14
-Cat guns down 4 guards inside a car
-Cat shoots 1 guard through the floorboards
-Cat guns down 6 guards with dual Uzis
-Cat shoots another guard
-Cat shoots a guard in the head off-screen
-Cat shoots Pepe off-screen

Final Fight: 1
-Cat stabs Marco in the neck with his own gun barrel

Payback: 1
-Cat’s dogs eat Don Luis alive