Cliffhanger (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Cliffhanger (1993) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Kooshmeister)


Gabe Walker (Sylvester Stallone): 4
Matheson (Vyto Ruginis): 3
Richard Travers (Rex Linn): 3
Eric Qualen (John Lithgow): 1
Kynette (Leon Robinson): 1
Delmar (Craig Fairbrass): 1
Hal Tucker (Michael Rooker): 1
Treasury Jet Pilot (Kim Robillard): 1


Opening: 1
-Sarah falls off the mountain

Plane Hijacking: 7
-Travers shoots 2 Treasury agents
-The pilot shoots the co-pilot
-Matheson shoots the pilot and he falls out the back of the plane
-Matheson shoots Ray and he is subsequently thrown out of Qualen’s jet
-Matheson is blown up in the plane by bomb placed by Travers
-Mike is killed in the jet crash, caused by Matheson shooting up the jet

“Go fetch, wonder dog!”: 1
-Heldon falls off the cliff in the avalanche

“Gravity’s a bitch!”: 1
-Gabe throws Ryan off a cliff

The Search Continues: 1
-Kynette shoots Brett

Caverns: 1
-Gabe impales Kynette on a stalactite

Helicopter Arrival: 2
-Delmar shoots Frank
-Qualen shoots Kristel

“Season’s over, asshole!”: 1
-Hal blows a hole through Delmar with his own shotgun and he falls off the mountain

“You’re dead, Walker!”: 1
-Gabe shoots Travers with a bolt gun

“Keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times!”: 1
-Gabe fights with Qualen and causes the helicopter to fall down the mountain and crash, killing Qualen in the explosion