City War (1988): Body Count Breakdown

City War (1988): Body Count by luvmetender009


Officer Ken Chow (Ti Lung) – 17, 1 shared with Chow Yun Fat
Officer Dick Lee Chiu (Chow Yun Fat) – 13, 1 shared with Ti Lung
Ted Yiu Tat (Norman Chiu) – 1


Carpark -1
-1 dead police offficer in car boot

Flashback – 1
-Ken’s colleague kills 1 of Yiu Tat’s men

Home Invasion – 4
-Lee shoots 1 hitman
-Second hitman kills Ken’s wife and daughter
-Second hitman fell over edge of roof to his death

Arms Dealing – 29
-Lee shoots 10 of Yiu Tat’s minions in a row
-Lee kills 1 more man in the bus
-Yiu Tat kills Penny (most probably by accident)
-Ken shoots 14 of Yiu Tat’s minions with a shotgun
-Ken hacks foreign arms dealer to death
-Ken smash Bobby’s head and breaks it
-Lee and Ken kills Yiu Tat together


-Fate of Ken’s son is unknown. He was last seen in a hospital’s sickbed after falling off the roof, but still alive
-Lee appears to have died succumbing to multiple gunshot wounds in the end, but the film’s pre-credits captions that follows states that Lee and Ken were subsequently arrested and imprisoned for their reckless actions, and since dead men cannot be imprisoned Lee must’ve survived.