Iron Chain Fighter (1981) Body Count Breakdown

Iron Chain Fighter [Cha Chi Nan Fei / The Convict Killer] (1981) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Teng Piao (Ti Lung) – 15 kills
To (Anthony Lau Wing) – 11 kills
Lo Wo (Han Chiang) – 5 kills
Shan Lin (Li Ching) – 1 kill


Opening Scene – 1
-Teng shoots Shan Lin’s husband

Gorge/Cave – 1
-Teng breaks the rifle assassin’s neck with his chain

Price of Failure – 2
-Chow Pat’s thugs kills 2 of their own

The Hit – 3
-Teng kills 3 assassins

White Fan’s Intro – 4
-Teng shoves 1 thug’s head between a pair of banisters, then stabs him in the ass
-Teng kicks 1 thug in the face (he was seen falling and never got back up, so he’s a goner)
-Teng crush 1 thug’s spine with his foot
-Lo Wu chucks a knife into 1 of his own

“Who’s gonna kill me?” – 2
-Teng breaks 2 thug’s necks

The Hit – 2
-To chucks two knives into 2 thugs on his inn’s rooftop and they fell off

The Big Battle – 12
-Lo Wu shoots the Chief Inspector and Miu Chong
-1 officer stabbed
-2 more officers stabbed
-Teng forces White Fan’s fanblade into 1 thug
-Lo Wu stabs 1 head Inspector
-1 more corpse seen with a knife sticking out his back (Lo Wu’s kill as he’s the only other person nearby)
-Teng impales Lo Wu
-Teng stabs White Fan and throws him off the second floor into a pool
-Teng throws Lan Fang’s shoe blade back at her, impaling her on the rooftop

Street Hunt – 15
-2 officers shot by thugs
-To shoots 2 thugs on a balcony
-To shoots 5 thugs on the street
-To shoots 1 more thug on a rooftop
-2 officers shot by thugs
-To shoots Peng Fu
-A police inspector shoots Lan
-Chow shoots Fei

The Revelation/”Now I know who killed my husband!!!” – 2

-Teng crush Chow’s gut by ramming a huge piece of wood in his midsection
-Shan Lin shoots Teng Piao


-Teng Piao, White Fan, and To each kicks a lot, a lot of ass.
-Many people beaten up in the big battle, but none of the beatings seemed lethal.