Blade: Trinity (2004) Unrated Cut Bodycount Breakdown

Blade: Trinity (2004) Unrated Cut Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Blade (Wesley Snipes): 49
Whistler (Kris Kirstofferson): 21
Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel): 15
Dracula/Drake (Dominic Purcell): 12
Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds): 4
Jarko Grimmwood (Paul Levesque): 1


Iraq: 1
-Drake drags 1 of Danica’s Vampires into the sand and rips his head off

Blade’s First Hunt: 12

-Blade’s bomb causes 1 vampire to fall out a window to his death
-Blade kills 6 vampires with his glaive
-Blade shoots down an electrical pole, causing a car to explode, killing the vampire inside
-Blade runs down a vampire and shoots him through the windshield
-Blade beats up a vampire and shoots him
-Blade exposes UV light into the vampire’s car, killing the driver
-Blade shoots Danica’s decoy with sliver, killing him

A New Hunter: 5
-Drake feeds on a human
-4 other human’s bodies feed on by Drake seen

Subway: 4
-Abigail kills a vampire with her foot-knife to the balls (OUCH!)
-Abigail kills 1 more vampire with her foot knife
-Abigail slices a vampire in half with the UV arc
-Abigail kills the last vampire her hand blade

Raid: 21
-Whistler shotguns 4 FBI Agents
-Whistler blows up 2 FBI Agents with a computer bomb (they are seen right before)
-Whistler shotguns 4 more FBI Agents before being shot himself
-Blade knocks out 6 FBI Agents with his staff (not added until later)
-Whistler detonates the last computer bomb, blowing up the compound with 3 agents near him, 2 exiting, the 6 Blade knocked out and himself (the 6 being shared with Blade)

Rescue: 7
-Hannibal shoots a vampire and throws him through a small window
-Hannibal shoots the vampire next to Jarko
-Hannibal shoots 1 FBI Agent
-Jarko and the other vampires mow down 1 FBI Agent
-Abigail arrows a vampire and the arrow explodes, killing him
-Abigail shoots 1 vampire
-Abigail shoots an arrow through a door, killing the last vampire

Goth Shop: 2
-Drake throws the goth guy out a window and he is hit by a car (it is implied that he died by the way he was thrown)
-Drake drains the goth girl of her own blood

Hunting: 1
-Blade drops a familiar 6 stories to his death

Office: 1
-Drake kills Dr. Vance off-screen (body is shown)

Meeting: 1
-Abigail shoots the vampire next to the chief

Blood Farm: 21
-Blade shoots Chief Vreede in the back
-20 humans are seen with their blood drained (they do mention that they are brain-dead)

Attack: 3
-Drake kills Dex and Hedges off-screen (bodies are shown)
-Drake tortures Sommerfield to death off-screen (body is shown)

Revenge: 22
-Blade steps on a guard’s head and breaks his neck
-Blade tears out a vampire’s throat
-Blade beats up a vampire and shoots him
-Blade shoots 4 vampires in a row
-Blade kills 6 vampires with his glaive
-Blade kills 3 vampires with stakes
-Blade kicks a guard in the air and into the wall back-first, breaking his spine and killing him
-Abigail slams a guard into a pole, breaking his spine and killing him (the way it bent and the way he fell down looked extremely fatal, so I’m counting it)
-Abigail stabs 2 vampires with her shoe-knife
-Abigail kicks a vampire with her shoe-knife, killing him
-Abigail kills another vampire with her shoe-knife

Hannibal vs Jarko: 1
-Hannibal shoves Blade’s inhaler onto Jarko’s sliver tooth and punches him, causing him to turn to ash

Blade vs Drake: 3
-Abigail shoots Asher and another vampire with her bow
-Abigail slices the vampire attacking Abby with the UV Arc

Fighting Well: 7
-Blade injects Drake with the virus, which kills him, Danica and 5 other vampires in the area


-Jarko shoots another FBI Agent in the rescue scene but he looked fine since his body armor protected him
-Blade, Abigail and Hannibal beat the living crap out of many, many people but didn’t kill them
-More FBI Agents could have died in the raid but it is confirmed by radio that NONE of the FBI Agents inside the compound made it out alive
-In the unrated cut Drake (in the form of Blade) knocking out 2 doctors and possibly feedingon an innocent doctor but her death is not shown