Blade: Trinity (2004): Body Count Breakdown

Blade: Trinity (2004): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Blade-(Wesley Snipes) 42
Abigail Whistler-(Jessica Biel) 14
Whistler-(Kris Kristofferson) 14
Hannibal King-(Ryan Reynolds) 4
Dracula/Drake-(Dominic Purcell) 12


Opening Scene: 1
Drake-bites a vampire’s head off

Blade The Vampire slayer: 12
Blade-kills 11 vampires and one human

A New Hunter: 5
Drake-kills 5 people

Subway: 4
Abigail-kills 4 vampires

The FBI Raid: 14
Whistler-shoots 8 FBI men
Whistler-blows up 5 FBI men
Whistler-blows himself up

The Rescue: 6
King-shoots 2 vampires and 1 human
Abigail-kills 3 vampires

Drake Takes A Stroll: 2

Drake-Attacks and throws a guy through a window
Drake-bites a girl neck

Familiars: 1
Blade-drops a familiar on his head

Dr. Edgar Vance’s Death: 1
Drake-kills Vance off screen

The Meeting: 2
Abigail-shoots a female vampire
Blade-shoots a man

Your Dead: 3
Drake-kills Sommerfield and the other 2 guys off screen

The Final ShowDown: 36

Blade-breaks a human’s neck
Blade-kills 20 vampires
Abigail-kills 4 vampires
Abigail-kills Danica’s brother and 2 other vampires
King-kills Grim
Blade-kills Drake, Danica and 5 other vampires


-I was unsure how many FBI agents died at the raid when the bomb went off. So, I only counted the 5 it showed
inside getting blown up.
-And as for the bloodfarm there was too many to count.