Blade (1998): Body Count Breakdown

Blade (1998): Body Count by Rorschach94


Blade (Wesley Snipes): 65
Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff): 14
Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson): 12
Karen (N’Bushe Wright): 2


Rave: 24
-Blade decimates 24 vampires

Rooftop: 1

-Frost kills the police officer

Archives: 16*

-Whistler shoots 10 familiars
-Blade shoots 4 familiars
-2 vampires smashed by train

Sunrise: 1
-Frost kills Dragonetti

Hideout: 2

-Whistler shoots 2 familiars

Tower: 27
-Blade shoots 25 guards
-Blade injects 2 vampires with the serum, causing them to explode

Temple: 24
-Blade kills his mother
-12 vampire elders killed by Frost in the ritual
-Karen kills 2 vampires
-Blade kills 8 vampires
-Blade kills Deacon Frost


*Note: I did not count any vampires killed by Whistler’s bomb in the archives, because when the bomb is shown to go off, the room appears to be empty, meaning that the remaining vampires could have already left, and all of the vampires consumed by the explosion in the hallway shot seem to get back up. Also, several of the vampires in the archives were shown alive later. The people upstairs in the building also would not have been killed by the bomb, as the bomb was not that powerful.
-Whistler appears to kill himself, but he had already been turned into a vampire and was kept alive, as shown in the second movie.