Black Dynamite (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Black Dynamite (2009): Body Count by RANTBO


Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) – 30
Tommy Davidson (Cream Corn) – 5
Phil Morris (Saheed) – 3
Byron Minns (Bullhorn) – 3
Roger Yuan (Fiendish Dr. Wu) – 1


Pe-Credits Sequence [05]
– Black Dynamite’s Brother Jimmy gets shot by mobsters
– Archive Footage: a car flips over and explodes, most likely killing the driver
– Archive Footage: a man is punched in the throat and chokes to death
– Black Dynamite shoots two guys

Hip Chase [01]
– Chicago Wind’s car explodes for no apparent reason while flying of a cliff

The Break-In At Jimmy’s Apartment [01]
– Black Dynamite shoots a mobster

Roscoe’s Chili And Donuts [04]
– Black Dynamite shoots a mobster in a donut disguise
– Black Dynamite shoots three more mobsters

Puttin’ Their Ankles In It [05]
– Black Dynamite shoots a guy
– Cream Corn shoots a guy in a car
– Cream Corn rigs a car to blow, killing the driver
– Black Dynamite blows up a plane, killing the pilot
– Black Dynamite drops the mob boss’s car from a helicopter and it explodes on impact

Raiding The Man’s Warehouse [10]
– Saheed shoots a guard with a crossbow
– Black Dynamite shoots two guards, then snaps another’s neck
– Saheed shoots another guard
– Bullhorn shoots a guard
– Black Dynamite shoots four more guards

Mercy Kill [01]
– Bullhorn shoots Gunsmoke

The Diabolical Dick Shrinkin’ Mother Fuckers Must Die! [01]
– Black Dynamite shoots O’Leary

Kong Fu Island [21]
– Bullhorn blows up a truck, likely killing the driver
– Black Dynamite grenades five soldiers
– One of the militants rocket launches five soldiers
– Cream Corn blows up a jeep, killing three soldiers
– Saheed blows up a soldier
– Saheed and two of his men are killed by kung fu treachery
– Fiendish Dr. Wu cuts off Bullhorn’s head with kung fu treachery
– Black Dynamite tears a guys eyes out of his sockets (more than likely killing him)
– Black Dynamite lights The Fiendish Dr. Wu on fire

White House, Black Dynamite [07]
– Cream Corn gets blown up in a helicopter
– Black Dynamite shoots six secret service agents


– Black Dynamite may have killed one of his sparing partners, though this seems unlikely as he is just training and tells them all he’ll see them tomorrow.
– Gunsmoke may have accidentally killed a guy he injects with too much truth serum.