Beyond The Law (2019) Body Count Breakdown

Beyond The Law (2019) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Frank Wilson (Johnny Messner): 6
Augustino “Finn” Adair (Steven Seagal): 4
Desmond Packard (Zack Ward): 4
Barrigan (Jeff M. Hill): 1
Karina (Yulia Klass): 1


Warehouse Robbery: 3
Desmond shoots a thug with a shotgun
Barrigan shoots Brutus with a shotgun
Desmond shoots Sal with a shotgun

Apartment: 1
Desmond shoots Chance in the mouth

Cabin Attack: 3
Frank shoots Delahunt
Frank shoots Harford with a shotgun from underneath the floorboards
Frank shoots Barrigan in the face with a shotgun

Shack: 1
Desmond shoots Swilley

Alley: 1
Frank shoots Munce with his own gun

“That’s part of the life, bitch”: 3
Finn shoots Fitzy
Finn shoots two of his own men

“Look at me”: 2
Frank shoots T-Bone
Frank shoots Desmond in the head

Final Fight: 1
Finn shoots Frank

Motel: 1
Karina shoots Charlotte off-screen


-Several beatdowns/knockouts but nothing fatal
-Frank’s wife Molly is mentioned to have died of cancer but it isn’t shown