Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Body Count Breakdown

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Body Count Breakdown by Nomoredogsleft94

(Previously done by Kooshmeister)

[Character Kills]

Det. Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold): 5
Det. Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy): 4
Sgt. John Taggart (John Ashton): 3
Karla Fry (Brigitte Nielsen): 2
Charles “Chip” Cain (Dean Stockwell): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

“Goodbye Mr. Cain”: 3
-Chip shoots a worker with his shotgun.
-Karla shoots Chip in the head.
-Karla shoots one of Chip’s men before he can shoot her.

Oil Field Showdown/“Fuck Rambo”: 8
-One of Dent’s men is seen dead, shot to death off-screen by Billy and Taggart (shared).
-Foley shoots one of Dent’s men.
-Taggart shoots one of Dent’s men off a rooftop.
-Billy accidentally fires a missile at an escaping truck when he presses the trigger on the rocket launcher, killing the driver.
-Billy blows away one of Dent’s men with his shotgun.
-Foley throws a grenade into a truck which explodes, killing a nearby thug knocked out earlier by Billy (“YO BABY YO BABY YO!”).
-Billy shoots a thug with his shotgun causing him to go over a railing.
-Billy shoots a fleeing thug with his shotgun from above.

Warehouse Confrontation/“Heh, Women”: 3
-Foley shoots one of Dent’s men hiding above a ceiling fan.
-Foley shoots Dent in the head through the windshield of his limo as he tries ramming him, causing him drive off a cliff, crash and explode.
-Taggart shoots Karla in the back before she can kill Foley.

[The Uncounted And Unconfirmed]

-Captain Bogomil is shot by both Chip and Karla during an attempted hit, critically wounding him but he survives his injuries.

[The Final Tally = 12]