Best of The Best 4: Without Warning (1998) Bodycount Breakdown

Best of The Best 4: Without Warning (1998) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Tommy Lee (Phillip Rhee): 10
Yunika Slava (Thure Riefenstein): 3
Det. Gresko (Ernie Hudson): 2
Karina (Jessica Collins): 1
Jack Jarvis (Christopher Lemmon): 1
Big Joolie (Art LaFleur): 1


Control Room: 3
-Yunika shoots 3 guards

Store: 1
-Jack shoots a bad guy in the eye

Break In: 2
-Tommy chokes a bad guy to death
-Tommy karate chops a bad guy in the throat, killing him

Car: 1
-Tommy shoots a bad guy in self defense

Dojo Fight: 1
-Tommy stabs a bad guy with a fencing sword

Chase: 5
-Big Joolie shoots a truck driver
-Tommy crashes his motorcycle, causing a bad guy to fly into a windshield
-Tommy’s crashed motorcycle blows up Big Joolie’s truck and another guy’s truck, killing them
-The explosion blows up the helicopter, killing the pilot

Church: 2
-Karina shoots a bad guy
-Bad guy shoots Karina

Airport Finale: 4
-Grekso shoots Boris
-Gresko shoots a bad guy
-Tommy blows up Lukast and Yunika by throwing the bomb onto their plane