Beowulf (2007) [Director’s Cut] Body Count Breakdown

Beowulf (2007) [Director’s Cut] Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Beowulf (Ray Winstone): 3
The Golden Man/Golden Dragon (Ray Winstone): 73
Grendel (Crispin Glover): 26
Grendel’s Mother (Angelina Jolie): 22
Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins): 1


Throne Room: 18
-Grendel kills 18 people

“It’s The Frickin’ Monster!”: 8
-Grendel throws a warrior into the air, causing his spear to go up in the air and land on him, impaling him
-Grendel breaks a warrior’s neck
-Grendel throws the dead warrior into 2 more, where his legs break their necks
-Grendel throws a warrior in the air and he is killed when his spear impales him
-Grendel impales 2 warriors on a spear like a shish-kabob
-Grendel bites Hondshew’s head off

“I am Beowulf!”: 1
-Beowulf wraps Grendel’s arm with a chain and closes a door on it, amputating his arm. He bleeds out while talking to his mother

Revenge/Sleeping Room: 22
-22 people are seen mutilated by Grendel’s Mother

“Hrothgar!”: 1
-Hrothgar leaps off the castle wall to his death

Battle: 30
-Beowulf’s Archers kill 6 enemy soldiers
-Warriors kill 24 soldiers

Dragon Chase: 75
-The Golden Dragon breathes fire on 63 soldiers
-The Golden Dragon kills 10 more soldiers
-Beowulf rips the Dragon’s heart out (which turns out to be The Golden Man)
-Beowulf cuts his arm and puts it in the chain and his arm is detached when the dragon falls. He bleeds out as he lands on the beach


-Beowulf impales many sea creatures in the eye but since they are not human, they are not counted