BCB: Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine

[Character Kills]

Jason Voorhees (C.J. Graham/Dan Bradley): 18 (13 as Graham/5 as Bradley)

[Corpse Breakdown]

Jason Lives: 1
Jason punches through Allen Hawes

“Any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly”: 2
Jason spears Darren (Tony Goldwyn)
Jason spears and drowns Elizabeth

“Death is my business”: 4
Jason rips Burt’s arm off and slams him headfirst into a tree
Jason decapitates Stan, Katie, and Larry

“You’re gonna be the death of me”: 3
Jason stabs Martin in the throat with a broken liquor bottle
Jason stabs Steven and Annette

RV: 2
Jason slams Nikki headfirst into the RV’s wall
Jason stabs Cort in the head

Finding Roy: 1
Roy shown dead, dismembered by Jason

Camp Forest Green: 5
Jason twists off Sissy’s head
Jason kills Paula
Jason throws a knife into Deputy Thornton’s head
Jason crushes Deputy Pappas’ head
Jason folds Sheriff Garris in half

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

Darren shoots Jason to no avail
Megan hits Jason in the head with a running propeller and Tommy causes him to sink to the bottom of the lake but that obviously doesn’t kill him

[The Final Tally= 18]