Battle Of Wits (2006): Body Count Breakdown

Battle Of Wits (2006): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ge Li – the Mohist (Andy Lau) – 48
Liang Cavalry Chief Yi Yue (Fan Bingbing) – 6
Prince Liang Shi (Siwon Choi) – 2
Liang General Niu Zi Zhang (Siu Ho Chin) – 1
Old General Dong – 2


Casualties of War – 1
-Baby suffocates when her mother tries to stop her from crying

First Wave – 7
-6 Zhao army soldiers arrowed
-1 Liang army soldier arrowed

Chaos in the City – 23
-Zhao spies kills 5 people
-General Dong kills 2 Zhao spies
-Spies kills General Dong
-Yue kills 2 spies
-Liang soldiers kills 5 spies
-Yue kills 4 spies
-Spies kills 1 person
-Liang soldiers kills 3 spies

Bulwark – 81
-5 Zhao soldiers fell off parapets
-1 Liang soldier slashed
-4 Liang army corpses
-1 Zhao soldier fell off parapets
-1 Liang soldier fell off parapets
-4 Yan soldiers arrowed
-Ge Li causes several cauldrons of oil to spill on Zhao troops and causing a minimum of 48 of them to be incinerated
-Prince Liang arrows 1 Zhao soldiers
-10 dead soldiers seen in a pile of bodies
-Zhao General Gao arrowed by his own men
-5 Zhao army soldiers fell off parapets

Treason – 1

-The attempted assassination on Ge Li’s life kills himself

Funeral – 1
-Prince Liang arrows the woman assassin

Failed Infiltration – 75

-15 Zhao soldiers killed by spiked traps
-4 Zhao soldiers intoxicated by by smoke
-56 Zhao army troops massacred by arrows

Ge Li’s Return – 7

-Prince Liang killed by his own soldiers
-Liang soldiers arrows 6 of Ge Li’s disciples

Night Raid – 22

-7 Liang soldiers arrowed
-2 Zhao soldiers arrowed
-Liang soldiers kills 2 of their own who tries to escape
-Liang army kills a woman
-3 Liang soldiers arrowed (background, when General Niu is having a conversation with his men)
-General Niu kills 1 of his own
-4 more Liang soldiers arrowed
-1 Liang soldier stabbed
-General Niu killed in battle

Mural of Death – 7

-7 people seen killed in mural depicting raid on Liang city

Capture of Liang City – 5

-2 Zhao soldiers fell off parapets
-2 Zhao soldiers arrowed
-The Commander dies in a fire started by his own men


-Several piles of uncountable corpses could be seen throughout the movie.
-The Zhao army comes with over 150 men during the failed infiltration scene. None of them survived.
-Emperor Liang Kang was mentioned to have been executed by his own math in the aftermath during the credits.