Badass Theater: Revenge Double Feature

Badass Theater

Your buddy Rant here with links to two classic badass fucking revenge films from the Shaw Brothers.  Check these two out if you’re a fan of martial arts or vengeance driven ass-kickery. Click on the poster to view the movie on youtube.

First up is a classic Cheh Chang masterpiece entitled Bao Chou [Vengeance] (1970). It follows the tale of Kuan Hsiao Lou (David Chiang) as he hunts down and slaughters the copious amounts of men behind the brutal murder of his brother, Yu-Lou (Lung Ti) (think Point Blank meets Kill Bill). Blade battles, bloodshed and badassness abounds…

Vengeance (1970)

Next up is a film I recently suggested all badass cinema scholars must see,  Wu Lang Ba Gua Gun [Five Stick-Fighting Men Of The Eight Diagram] a.k.a. Eight Diagram Pole Fighter / Invincible Pole Fighter (1984). Directed by Chia-Liang Liu (Drunken Master II, Tiger On Beat) and staring Gordon Liu. Pole Fighter begins with a band of literal brothers as they are betrayed by their government resulting in the ruination of  their family, which leaves only Liu and a clan of warrior monks to seek sweet revenge on the bastards so intent on fucking with his kin. And, oh yes, there will be blood…

8 Diagram Pole Fighter

There you have it gentlemen. Check ’em out before they’re gone and Action Gods willing, we’ll see these two on the 2012 AOBG Action 100 List.

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