Bad Boys II (2003) Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

Bad Boys II (2003)

Starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Smith kills 18
Lawrence kills 7

Bad Boys II rights held by Columbia Pictures.

Bad Boys II (2003) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09

[Character Kills]

MPD Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith): 18
MPD Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence): 7
TNT Dexter (Paul Villaverde): 7
DEA Agent Sydney “Syd” Burnett (Gabrielle Union): 5
Delongpre (R.E. Rodgers): 5
TNT Zank (Rey Hernandez): 3
DEA Agent Tony Dodd (Antoni Corone): 2
MPD Detective Mateo Reyes (Yul Vazquez): 1
MPD Detective Marco Vargas (Jason Manuel Olazabal): 1
Hector Juan Carlos “Johnny” Tapia (Jordi Mollà): 1
Alexei (Peter Stormare): 1
TNT Fanuti (Gary Nickens): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Swamp Shootout: 11
Mike shoots a Klansman going for a shotgun
Mike shoots the Klansman holding Marcus hostage in the head
Marcus shoots a Klansman
Mike shoots three Klansmen
Mike shoots a propane tank blowing up three nearby Klansmen
Mike shoots a Klansman about to shoot Marcus in the neck in slow motion
A TNT member shoots a Klansman about to shoot Mike

Alley: 1
A clubgoer dies of an ecstasy overdose

The Drop: 4
A Haitan thug shoots a DEA agent in the head
Syd shoots the Hatian thug
Syd backs up the SUV causing a Haitian thug hanging onto it to crash back-first into a car and flip over it killing him
Syd kicks a Hatian thug off the SUV door causing the door to break off against a stone pillar causing him to fall off the parking garage to his death

“Shoot him!”: 2
Marcus shoots out the tires to a car causing it to crash killing two Haitian thugs

“Now show them your badge!”/Street Shootout: 4
Mike shoots a Haitian thug while in the car
Marcus shoots a Haitian thug on top of a car
Mike shoots a Haitian thug
Syd shoots a Haitian thug with a shotgun in the back of the SUV

Freeway Chase: 2
Two DEA agents crash their cars into the boat explosion killing themselves

Pink House Shootout: 3
Marcus shoots a Haitian thug
Mike shoots a Haitian thug in the eye through a peephole
Mike shoots a Haitian thug in the back of the head through a wall

Meeting: 1
Josef’s body parts are shown inside a tortilla bin dismembered by Tapia’s men

Endangering: 1
Tapia shoots Roberto in the head

Van: 4
Four bodies are shown wrapped in sheets

Train Fight: 1
Mike throws one of Tapia’s men under the train causing him to be run over

Mortuary: 11
11 bodies are shown covered in sheets

Mansion Raid: 2
Alexei shoots one of Tapia’s men in the head
Fanuti and two SWAT officers shoot Alexei

Assault on Tapia’s Mansion: 26
Delongpre detonates the RC car bomb blowing up five Cuban soldiers
Dodd blows up a guard station with a bazooka killing the security guard inside
A van explodes killing one of Tapia’s men
Mike shoots two of Tapia’s men after getting out of the coffin
Dexter shoots four Cuban soldiers including one of Tapia’s men
Vargas and Reyes shoot two of Tapia’s men (one each)
Marcus shoots one of Tapia’s men in a hallway
Mike shoots two of Tapia’s men through a window
Dexter shoots two Cuban soldiers
Dodd blows up a guard station with a bazooka killing a Cuban soldier
Zank blows up the mansion with explosives killing three Cuban soldiers in front of it

Minefield Standoff: 2
Syd throws a gun onto a mine activating it blowing up Carlos
Marcus shoots Tapia in the head and his body falls onto a landmine blowing him to pieces

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-Two cops are shot in the Street Shootout but are mentioned to have been hospitalized by Howard
-A cop car crashes into a boat and causes the boat to explode but it is mentioned that the cop inside has been hospitalized by Howard
-Vargas shoots one of Tapia’s men but only in the legs
-More of Tapia’s men could’ve been killed in the mansion explosion but only three Cuban soldiers are shown being killed in the explosion
-An Iguana is blown up by a landmine

[The Final Tally= 75]