KC|BCB: Attack Force Z (1981)

Attack Force Z (1981)

Starring Mel Gibson

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Gibson kills 14

Attack Force Z rights held by The Australian Film Commission, Central Motion Pictures Corporation and Fauna Productions.

Attack Force Z (1982) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Lieutenant J.A. “Jan” Veitch (John Philip Law): 16
Captain P.G. “Paul” Kelly (Mel Gibson): 13
Lin Chan-Lang (Chun Hsiung Ko): 8
Sergeant D.J. “Danny” Costello (Sam Neill): 5
Able Seaman A.D. ‘Sparrer’ Bird (Chris Haywood): 3


Hills: 3
– Jan shoots a Japanese soldier
– Paul shoots another
– Danny mercy kills Kingo

House: 4

– Sparrer shoots a soldier
– Paul shoots 2 soldiers (1 shared with the Father)
– Lin finishes off a soldier (shared with Paul)

Japanese House/Hideout: 15
– Danny shoots a soldier & ambushes 3 others
– Paul shoots a soldier in the back
– Sparrer shoots another
– Jan shoots 2 soldiers
– Lin throws a knife at one
– Lin and Paul kill one together
– A soldier falls into the water after being shot by Paul
– The father shoots a man
– A Japanese soldier shoots a villager
– Body of Japanese officer hung by Jan seen
– Jan chokes an officer to death using a telephone chord

Farm: 2
– Jan climbs out from under a hen’s nest & shoots 2 guards

Festival-Village Rebellion: 67
– Lin throws his knife at the General
– Jan shoots 4 from above the rooftop
– Paul shoots 1
– Kingo shoots another
– 5 dead bodies by Jan
– Villagers shoots 2 soldiers
– Sparrer shoots 1
– 1 dead Japanese officer’s body hanging from a tree (could’ve been either Paul or Danny’s but since Danny was firing at the soldiers way longer before Danny joined the battle, I’ll give it to Paul)
– Sparrer shot to death by Japs.
– 6 Japs. shot by villagers
– Paul shoots another
– Lin shotguns a soldier
– Villager shot while carrying wounded man
– Australian contact shot by soldiers
– Paul kills 1 more
– Another villager shot
– Jan shoots a Jap. in the back
– Paul shoots the soldier guarding the gunner’s nest
– Danny shot by gunners
– Danny throws a grenade that blows up the two men in the gunner’s nest
– 4 soldiers killed with a combination of grenades and gunfire by the villagers
– 1 Villager shot to death
– Another man carrying the wounded slowly dies from bullet wounds
– Jan shoots 2 soldiers to death
– Paul kills 2 gunners with their own Browning M1919 machine gun off-screen
– Lin blows up 2 gunners and shotguns another
– 2 more dead villagers bodies seen
– Jan and Lin are shot to death
– Officer shoots a villager with his pistol
– The wounded Japanese man (who is a good guy) dies from bullet wounds
– 15 more dead bodies seen


A few villagers are hit with by the butt of the Jap.’s rifles but whether or not it was fatal is debatable as it look like they were just experiencing the predictable amount of pain it caused.