Altitude (2017) Body Count Breakdown

Altitude (2017) Body Count Breakdown by Longuecarabine


Agent Gretchen Blair (Denise Richards): 6
Matthew Sharpe (Dolph Lundgren): 3
Sadie (Greer Grammer): 3
Terry (Kirk Barker): 2
Rawbones (Chuck Liddell): 1


“Keep that open, please”: 1
Sadie breaks a flight attendant’s neck

Cockpit Takeover: 2
Sadie injects a pilot with poison
Sadie stabs a pilot in the throat with her stiletto

“That’s what happens when you don’t stay seated”: 1
Rawbones breaks a passenger’s neck

Steel Trap Mind: 1
A man shown dead, killed by Sharpe

Baggage Handling: 2
Gretchen shoots Rawbones and Jacob

“Comic-book, supervillain shit”: 5
Two bodies shown in bags
Gretchen breaks two thug’s necks
Gretchen kicks Byers off the plane

“You need to adjust your altitude, bitch”: 3
Gretchen kicks Sadie off the plane
Terry and Sharpe’s fight results in the plane crashing into a mountain, blowing up Sharpe and a thug knocked out by Gretchen