Action Movie News Round Up: 05/13/2012

Action Movie News Round Up: May 13th, 2012


In what may have been the most unlikely action movie team up in recent years, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Street Kings director David Ayers, will team up for thriller Ten. The film will feature a corrupt DEA tactical squad being hunted down one by one by an assassin. No word yet on whether Arnold will play a cop or the hitman. This will make the second film, since his return, Arnie picks up that was originally earmarked for Bruce Willis after The Tomb. Thanks to Screen Rant.

If you’re a reader of this site, then it’s a given you’re just as annoyed at the lack of Scott Adkins’ presence in the marketing for Expendables 2. Someone at LGF must feel the same way, because they’ve released a Scott Adkins centric poster.


Further Vin Diesel Facebook updates, Riddick 3 is now in post, “Fast” is filming in the summer and the answer to the long pondered question, does Richard B. Riddick have an innie or an outie?


Sean Bean has been tapped to star in Devil’s Peak. Based on a series of novels set in South Africa, the first film will focus on Sean Bean’s alcoholic cop tracking down a vigilante serial killer, while having to fight off a ruthless drug cartel in the process. Given that this is a trilogy of novels, at the very least we’ll have two films in which Sean Bean actually won’t die. (Coming Soon).

Cole Hauser will join the villainous ranks of Sebastian Koch and Yliya Snigir on the upcoming A Good Day to Die Hard. Likely to die a bloodless death after hearing a heavily censored version of McClane’s catchphrase. – Deadline.

Kick Ass 2 is coming! It’ll be directed by the relatively unknown Jeff Wadlow who was recently attached to Liam Neeson’s ‘Die Hard on a Plane’ film Non Stop. Deadline are certain the film will be locked, loaded and ready to go soon.

Wadlow’s replacement for Non Stop has been announced as Juan Collet-Sera. The director previously teamed with Liam Neeson and Joel Silver on last year’s Unknown. – Variety.

Further proving January and February hold better action films than the summer season, Sylvester Stallone/Walter Hill collaboration Bullet to the Head will hit theatres on the 1st of February 2013, a few weeks after Arnold’s awesome looking Last Stand and a few weeks before Bruce’s decidedly unawesome Good Day to Die Hard. – Box Office Mojo

We have the final poster for G.I. Joe Retaliation, which is heavy on the photoshop and light on the Channing Tatum (Fair dues, the guy has been on a role and winning over a lot of his critics). Thanks to Den of Geek and Rutledal.


Jean-Claude Van Damme has revealed he’ll be playing the villain in Peter Hyams’ upcoming Enemies Closer. More specifically a vegan, animal loving, hippie villain. Thanks to EW

Antoine Fuqua has lined up yet another project he probably won’t make. A heist film titled Chicagoland. –Collider.

Although it’s been released in most of the world, the newest Jet Li/Tsui Hark team up will actually be released on IMAX in the US in September.
Coincidentally, the film is out on home video in Australia this week. – Twitch

It seems Byung-Hun Lee and Bruce Willis had a whale of a time together on the G.I. Joe Retaliation set, Lee, alongside Catherine Zeta Jones, has signed on for RED 2. The film will primarily take place in Europe (Bulgaria?) and will be released August 2nd 2013. – Superhero Hype.

Cinando have debuted the new poster for JCVD’s Six Bullets. It’s a slightly better one than most typical DTV films get, but still looks like a DTV film.


Finally, another Expendables 2 poster, one I’ve wanted to see for 20 years.


That’s it for this week, keep the faith (Strannix).