A View To A Kill (1985) Body Count Breakdown

A View To A Kill (1985) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by luvmetender009)


Max Zorin (Christopher Walken): 44
Scarpine (Patrick Bauchau): 6
James Bond (Roger Moore): 5
May Day (Grace Jones): 5


Siberia: 3
-003 found dead
-Bond fires a flare into Russian helicopter, causing it to crash and kill the pilot and gunner

Eiffel Tower: 1
-May Day stabs Aubergine with a hook

Car Wash: 1
-May Day strangles Tibett

“Anyone else want to drop out?”: 1

-May Day drops the Taiwanese tycoon out of the zeppelin into the San Francisco Bay

Infiltration: 1
-Zorin’s thugs drop a spy into propeller blades, shredding him to pieces

Stacey’s Home: 1
-May Day strangles Chuck Lee

Frameup: 1
-Zorin shoots Howe

Flood the Fault: 49
-Scarpine knocks Conley off a ledge
-Zorin detonates explosives, blowing up 12 workers, Jenny Flex, and Pan Ho
-Zorin shoots 6 workers
-3 workers drown because of Zorin detonating the explosives
-Zorin shoots 7 workers
-7 other workers drown, caused by Zorin
-1 worker electrocuted by a power line (Zorin’s fault because he flooded the mines)
-Zorin shoots 5 workers
-Scarpine shoots 5 workers

Stopping the Detonator: 1
-May Day sacrifices herself and is blown up by the detonator

Golden Gate Bridge: 3
-Bond drops Zorin into the Bay
-Bond cuts the ropes attatched to the zeppelin and causes Mortner to drop his grenade, blowing up him and Scarpine


-Possibly more people inside the mines when Zorin flooded them.