A Better Tomorrow 3 (1989): Body Count Breakdown

A Better Tomorrow 3 (1989): Body Count by luvmetender009


Chow Ying-Kit (Anita Mui) = 36
Chor Pat (Wai Lun Cheng) = 11
Ho Cheung-Ching a.k.a Tanaka (Saburô Tokitô) = 7
Cheung Chi-Mun (Tony Leung Ka-Fai) = 6
Mark Gor (Chow Yun Fat) = 4
Tanaka’s bodyguard = 2
Song Bong = 1


Riot – 2
-Vietcongs shoots 2 rioters

Rendezvous – 23

-Vietcongs executes 1 of their own
-Vietcongs shoots Ying-Kit’s escort
-Ying-Kit shoots 15 Vietcongs
-Mun shoots 1 Vietcong
-Mark blows up 1 Vietcong with a grenade
-Mark shoots Vietcong corporal
-Ying-Kit shoots another 2 Vietcongs
-Bong’s driver dies in jeep explosion, caused by Mark Gor shooting at jeep’s fuel line

Office – 1

-Tanaka’s lieutenant shoots 1 imposter after imposter empties blanks towards Tanaka

Assasination – 1
-Mun’s father killed by bomb left behind by assasin

Vietnamese Temple – 16

-Ying-Kit shoots 15 Vietcongs
-Mun shoots 1 Vietcong

Chase – 4
-Pat blows up 4 Vietcongs with a mortar shot from back of the truck

Tanaka’s Saigon Mansion – 14

-Tanaka shoots 6 Vietcongs
-Ying-Kit shoots 4 Vietcongs
-Tanaka’s bodyguard shoots 2 Vietcongs
-Ching shoots his own bodyguard
-Bong kills Tanaka

Streets of Saigon – 12

-Mun shoots 4 Vietcongs
-Pat shoots 7 Vietcongs (2 on mototrcycle, 5 behind sandbags)
-Mark Gor drops a cache of grenades into path of Bong’s tank, blowing it up and incinerating Bong


-Ying-Kit’s fate is left ambigouos. It is implied that she died at the end of the film, but it isn’t shown and therefore not counted