A Better Tomorrow 2 (1987): Body Count Breakdown

A Better Tomorrow 2 (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ken Gor (Chow Yun Fat) = 76, 1 shared with Ti Lung and Dean Shek
Lung (Dean Shek) = 38, 1 shared with Chow Yun Fat and Ti Lung
Ho Tse-Sung (Ti Lung) = 36, 1 shared with Chow Yun Fat and Dean Shek
Kit Tse-Sung (Leslie Cheung) = 5
Ko’s right-hand man (Shing Fui-On) = 4
Chong (Ming Yan Lung) = 3
Sam (Peter Wang) = 1


Prison – 1
-Mark Gor seen shot dead in flashback sequence

Party – 2
-Chong shoots his ex-boss and 1 waiter

Poolside – 1

-Ko’s right-hand man shoots Lung’s daughter, Peggy

Cafeteria – 5
-Mobster slit an innocent man’s throat
-Mobster shoots 1 innnocent man while trying to shoot Lung
-Innocent little girl seen dead
-Sam shoots a mobster
-Mobster kills Sam

Docks – 10
-5 triads killed in ensuing gunbattle after botched dealings
-Kit shoots 5 triads

4 Seasons Restaurant – 18

-18 innocent people (at least) seen in restaurant when bomb goes off

Ken’s Apartment – 2
-Ken Gor shoots 2 mobsters

Highway Chase – 2
-Ken Gor shoots 2 more mobsters, and causes mobsters’ car to crash and blow up

Hotel a.k.a “FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!!” – 7
-Ken Gor shoots 7 mobsters inside and outside hotel

Alley – 2
-Lung shoots 2 mobsters in car

Warehouse Trap – 3
-Ken Gor shoots 2 mobsters in car
-Car drives off into docks, drowning 1 last mobster seen inside

Booth – 1

-Kit succumbs to injuries, caused by being shot by Chong

Mansion Showdown – 134
-Ken Gor kills Amrrican mob leader and 60 gangsters (this is inclusive of a guy shot by Ken approximately 24 times in a row)
-Ho throws grenades into mansion, killing 7 triads
-Ho shoots 16 triads
-Lung shoots 23 triads
-Ko’s right-hand man kills 3 of his own men
-12 triads in a corridor killed by Ho and Lung’s joint effort (I award 7 kills to Lung and 5 to Ho, because at that moment Lung has an Uzi)
-Ken Gor, Lung and Ho kills decoy together
-Lung blows up 4 triads with grenades
-Ho kills Ko’s right-hand man, and 6 triads with a samurai sword

Duel – 1
-Chong and Ken challenged each other to a duel; Ken wins

Finale – 1
-Lung shoots Ko in the forehead