A Better Tomorrow (1986): Body Count Breakdown

Ying hung boon sik [A Better Tomorrow] (1986): Body Count by luvmetender009


Mark Gor (Chow Yun Fatt) – 50 kills
Sung Tse-Ho (Ti Lung) – 10 kills
Sung Tse-Kit (Leslie Cheung) – 8 kills
Shing (Waise Lee) – 1 kill
Lead Henchman (Shing Fui-On) – 1 kill


Opening – 1 (imagined)
-Kit is shot dead by triads, as seen in Ho’s dream

Dealings in Taiwan – 6
-2 triads are shot in gunfight
-Ho shoots 4 triads

Home Invasion – 1
-Mr. Sung is brutally beaten up by a burly assassin and dies later from his injuries

Revenge – 8
-Mark Gor shoots 4 of the Taiwanese triad leader’s bodyguards
-Mark Gor shoots 3 more triads that runs up to him in the corridor outside
-Mark Gor shoots the Taiwanese triad leader multiple times, then finishes him off

Getting the Evidence – 10
-Mark Gor shoot 1 of the triads pursuing him
-Mark Gor shoots 4 triads with dual pistols
-Mark Gor shoots 5 last triads

Docks – 43
-Mark Gor shoots 3 triads before leaving the docks on a speedboat
-Ho shoots 2 triads
-Mark Gor shoots 1 triad as he was returning to the docks
-Mark Gor blows up 3 triads with a grenade launcher
-Kit shoots 1 triad coming up behind Ho
-Mark Gor shoots 5 triads
-Ho shoots 2 triads
-Kit shoots 2 triads
-Mark shoots 3 triads
-Ho shoots 1 triad
-Kit shoots 2 triads
-Kit shoots a burning barrel rolling towards a group of triads, blowing it up and killing 2 triads in the explosion
-Mark Gor mows down 17 remaining triads after reloading his Uzi

Arrest/“Do you know what it means to be a brother?” – 3
-Shing and lead bodyguars shoots Mark Gor
-Kit shoots lead bodyguard
-Ho shoots Shing using Kit’s Magnum


-The burly assasin in the bedroom is knocked out by Kit, but he seemed to be merely unconscious
-Many people are beaten up in the car workshop after the scene where Mark Gor is flogged, but none of them appeared to be dead.

[THE FINAL TALLY= 73] (1 imagined)