300 (2006) Body Count Breakdown

300 (2006) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94 and BodyCountMan

[Character Kills]

King Leonidas (Gerard Butler): 32
Stelios (Michael Fassbender): 20
The Uber Immortal (Robert Maillet): 1
Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

“This is Sparta!!!”: 9
-Leonidas kicks the messenger into the well
-Captain kills 1 messenger
-Stelios kills 1 messenger
-1 more messenger cut down in the background
-5 messengers are thrown into the well

Ruined Village: 13

-The Child dies from their wounds
-12 bodies are seen impaled to a tree with arrows*

Glorious Rain: 17

-6 Persians are seen falling into the water
-5 Persian bodies shown sinking
-At least 6 on one of the boats that is sinking, hard to tell on any of the other boats

Wall of the Dead: 20

-8 bodies seen impaled on spears
-At least 12 bodies are seen being used as mortar in the wall

First Wave: 117

-1 Persian messenger killed with a thrown spear
-Spartans kill 70 Persians
-Leonidas kills 21 Persians
-Stelios kills 2 Persians
-22 Persians driven off of the cliffs
-Leonidas kills 3 more Persians

“Today, No Spartan Dies”: 14
-Spartans kill 14 Persian horsemen

Immortals Put To The Test: 83
-Leonidas kills 5 Immortals
-Spartans kill 65 Immortals
-Immortals kill 4 Spartans and an Arcadian
-Uber-Immortal kills 1 Immortal
-Leonidas kills the Uber-Immortal
-Arcadians kill 6 Immortals

Where Numbers Count For Nothing: 56
-1 Persian speared by Leonidas
-Battle Rhinoceros kills 3 Persians
-A bomb kills 1 Spartan
-Stelios kills 3 magicians
-4 Persians fall off of falling elephants
-43 bodies are shown**
-1 Persian General executed

Blood-Drunk: 153
-Astinos kills 20 Persians
-Stelios kills 13 Persians
-1 Bakground Spartan gets a kill
-The Spartan is killed by Persians
-Astinos is beheaded
-Captain kills 10 Persians
-Other Spartans kill 9 Persians
-Total bodies seen throughout the scene: 94***

Council: 1
-Gorgo stabs Theron

Final Attack: 43

-Stelios kills the Persian spokesman
-Captain kills 5 Immortals and Persian soldiers
-Captain is killed by Immortals
-Stelios is shot and killed by arrows
-33 other Spartans are shot and killed by arrows
-Leonidas is killed by a glorious hail of arrows that block out the sun

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

*This is the minimum. I could only count 12 definite corpses, though there were many other possible ones
**This is the minimum amounts of bodies. I stopped counting them as soon as I became unsure about whether or not they were fresh corpses.
***Since the camera was moving in a circular motion throughout the scene, it was pretty easy to develop a pattern for all of the bodies on the ground. None were counted if I was unsure if they were actually a body or if I was unsure if I hadn’t seen them before.
-Also, hundreds of other bodies are seen throughout the film, but again, it is impossible to tell which of these bodies have been shown being killed before, and which ones are new. So I tried to keep to the minimum, and only count the ones that were definitely new kills.

[The Final Tally= 531]