Drive (2011) Body Count Breakdown

Drive (2011) Body Count Breakdown by Jawsunleashed


The Driver (Ryan Gosling) : 6
Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks) : 2
Hitman #2 (Jim Hart) : 1


Robbery 1
-Standard is killed by the owner of the Pawn Shop

Motel 3
-Hitman #2 blows up Blanche’s face with a shotgun
-The Driver stabs Hitman #2 with an iron stick in the chest
-The Driver shotguns Hitman #1

Elevator 1
-The Driver smashes a thug’s face several times until it become a bloody mash

“Who else knows about it?” 1

-Bernie stabs Cook in the eye with a fork, then he grabs a butcher knife and stabs him several times in the chest

“Where are you going, Shanon?” 1
-Bernie stabs Shanon, who bleeds to death

Revenge, Michael Myers’s style 2

-The Driver pushes Nino’s car down a hill, killing the driver
-The Driver drowns Nino in the sea

“Where is the money?” 1
-The Driver stabs Bernie to death


-After the robbery, a car crashed, but it was not clear if the driver was dead, or not

-The Driver was stabbed in the liver near the end of the movie, but he seemed fine