Wang hang ba do [Partners] (2002) Bodycount Breakdown

Wang hang ba do [Partners] (2002) Body Count by luvmetender009


Kwan Yeung (Simon Yam) – 29 kills
Rick (Michael Wong) – 5 kills
Foon Chan (Eric Tsang) – 2 kills


Last Time was a Disaster – 2
-2 of Kwan Yeung’s partners in his previous hit is seen dead, shot by the police

“There’s a price to pay for cheating” – 2
-2 dead gamblers seen

The Heist – 8
-Rick shoots the first security guard outside of the bank (cutaway)
-Rick shoots 2 more security guards
-Kwan shoots 3 securrity guards
-Kwan shoots 1 more security guard that comes out of an elevator
-Kwan shoots his own contact

Meeting / “Is this enough?” – 32
-Foon’s mercenaries massacres 31 Thai mobsters and the Thai crimelord

Uncle Siu’s Villa – 25
-Kwan wastes 18 thugs in the courtyard, Commando-style (but less awesome and with a lot of shaky-cam)
-Foon shoots 2 bodyguards
-Rick shoot 1 bodyguard
-Kwan shoots 2 more thugs near the banquet table
-Kwan shoots 1 more thug
-Foon shoots Uncle Siu

“You almost killed us” – 1
-Kwan shoots Foon

“Somebody arranged for this” – 1
-Kwan shoots Rachel

“Have you ever thought of what we’lll be doing after this?” – 2
-Kwan and Rick were seen dead, implied to have killed each other rather than face arrest


-Rick blows up an apartment block, but no deaths were seen.