True Lies (1994): Body Count Breakdown

True Lies (1994) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 66
Helen Tasker (Jamie Lee Curtis): 12
Faisil (Grant Heslov): 3
Salim Abu Aziz (Art Malik): 1
Juno Skinner (Tia Carrere): 1


“Here’s my invitation”: 5
-Harry blows up hut, killing 5 embassy guards in the blast

Ski Chase: 12
-Harry shoots 12 guards during chase

Toilet Shootout: 2
-Harry shoots Mahmoud
-Salim shoots Yusif

Ride: 1
-Harry smashes Simon’s face in his imagination

Escape: 10
-Harry throws a scalpel into 1 terrorist’s eye
-Harry breaks Samir’s neck
-Harry stabs 1 terrorist in the stomache with a meat hook
-Harry breaks 1 terrorist’s neck using an AK-47’s strap
-Harry forces 2 terrorists to stab each other
-Harry shoots 3 terrorists
-Harry shoots the terrorist holding Helen

Crashing the Party: 22
-Harry breaks 2 terrorists’ necks
-Harry blows up some explosive barrels with a grenade, killing 4 terrorists in the explosion and setting 1 terrorist on fire
-Harry shoots 2 terrorists
-Helen accidentally drops an Uzi down a flight of stairs and it fires continuously, killing 11 terrorists
-Harry shoots 2 more terrorists

Compound: 9
-Harry breaks 1 terrorist’s neck
-Harry guns down 6 terrorists with dual Uzis
-Harry blows up 2 terrorists with makeshift flamethrower

Bridge: 9
-Marine fighter jets blow up the first truck, killing the driver
-1 terrorist is accidentally hit and killed by the backblast of an RPG by one of his buddies, and is subsequently blown out the front of the truck and run over
-Marine fighter jets blow up the second truck with missiles, killing the 2 terrorists inside
-The third truck (thanks to a bird landing on it) falls off the destroyed bridge and explodes, killing the 3 terrorists inside
-Helen and Juno struggle over pistol and accidentally shoot Ackbar (shared)
-The limo crashes into the water with Juno still inside

Office Building: 15
-Faisil shoots 3 terrorists
-Harry mows down 12 terrorists with jet’s twin machine guns

“You’re fired!”: 5
-Harry ejects jet’s sidewinder missile with Salim still dangling onto it into helicopter carrying 4 terrorists, blowing it up and killing all 5 of them in the explosion

(NOTE: Simon’s kill in Harry’s imagination is counted because both Arnie and Paxton acted out the scene.)