The Mechanic (2011) Bodycount Breakdown

The Mechanic (2011) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham): 17
Steve McKenna (Ben Foster): 11


Pool: 1
-Bishop pulls Jorge underwater and drowns him

Parting Ways: 1
-Bishop shoots Harry

Apartment Hit: 1
-Bishop strangles a guy to death with a belt

Burke’s Room: 1
-Steve stabs Burke to death with a poker

Vaughn’s Death: 1
-Steve suffocates Vaughn

Hotel Shoot-Out: 7
-Steve shoots a guard through the window
-Steve shoots 3 guards
-Bishop shoots 2 guards
-Bishop throws a guard off the roof to his death

Bus Fight: 1
-Bishop throws a guy out of the bus and he is hit by a car

Dock Ambush: 4
-Bishop breaks an assassin’s neck
-Bishop shoots 2 assassins
-Assassins kill Henry

Bishop’s House: 3
-Steve shoots 3 assassins

Getting Dean: 8
-Bishop crashes into an SUV, killing the driver
-Bishop shoots 3 bodyguards
-Steve crashes an SUV into a bus, killing the driver
-Bishop crashes into Dean’s car and crushes his driver
-Bishop and Steve shoot Dean together
-Bodyguards shoot 1 of their own

“If Your Reading This, Your Dead”: 1
-Bishop’s car bomb blows up Steve