The Hulk (2003): Body Count Breakdown

The Hulk (2003): Body Count by Gregglop09


David Banner (Nick Nolte/Paul Kersey): 2
Bruce Banner/The Hulk (Eric Bana): 1
Talbot (Josh Lucas): 1
General Ross (Sam Elliot): 1


Flashback: 1
David accidentally stabs his wife

Lab: 1
David crushes a security guard

Desert Battle: 1
Hulk punches crashed helicopter, killing the pilot

Escape: 1
Talbot blows himself up (although it did bounce off the Hulk, Talbot fired it, so it’s his kill, not Hulk’s)

Final Fight: 1

Ross blows up David with a Gamma Bomb (Bruce survived)


-Hulk throws a man at Talbot but since it wasn’t hard enough and that Talbot was just injured, I’m not counting it
-Hulk throws a tank 20 feet and it lands on the ground but the soldiers inside get out unharmed (WTF?!)
-Hulk crushes 2 tanks together but since they don’t show the soldiers dying and the may have survived, I’m not counting them
-Hulk crashes a helicopter but since the 2 guys inside say: “We’re okay”, I’m not counting them


NOTE: The Hulk is a pussy is this one, he only kills 1 person (a helicopter pilot)