The Glimmer Man (1996): Body Count Breakdown

The Glimmer Man (1996): Body Count by Dr. Judas


Lt. Jack Cole (Steven Seagal): 14
Det. Jim Campbell (Keenan Ivory Wayans): 2
Donald Cunningham a.k.a “The Family Man” (John M. Jackson): 6


Opening Credits:1
– Donald shoots a Woman

“The Family Man” strikes:1
– a Guy who was killed offscreen by Donald is found

Run-In with the Russian Mob:4

– Jack slices 3 guys throats
– Jack kicks a guy off the parking lot causing him to get impaled on a bulldozer blade

Shit just got personal :2
– Donald shoots and then crucifies Jack´s Ex-Wife and her current Husband

– Jack shoots Christopher Maynard

Return of the Russians:3
– Jack causes a Car to crash thus killing 3 Russians

Questioning Johnny:1

– Jack shoots a guy

– Donald shoots a mobster
– Jack shoots 3 mobsters
– Jim shoots 2 mobsters
– Donald uses a mobster as a human shield (shared kill with Seagal)

Final Fight:1
– Jack throws Donald out of a window causing him to get impaled on an iron fence