The Fifth Element (1997): Body Count Breakdown

The Fifth Element (1997): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis): 27
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman): 18
Akanit (Aron Paramor): 14
Tawdry Girl (Ève Salvail): 2
Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker): 1


Egypt, 1914: 1
-The Mondoshawan Kommander is crushed in the closing door of the temple

300 years later: 11
-The Dark Planet engulfs the spaceship, killing General Staedert, the captain and 6 crew members

Mangalore attack: 3
-The Mangalore warships destroy the Mondoshawan ship, killing 3 Mondoshawans that we see

Deal gone wrong: 11
-A curious Mangalore presses “the little red button,” killing himself and 10 others in a huge explosion (only Aknot survives)

“Revenge is at hand!”: 3
-Akanit shoots 3 police officers

Spaceport shootout: 2
-The female Mangalore disguised as a woman shoots 2 policemen

Liftoff: 13
-Zorg detonates the phonebooth, killing Right Arm and at least 12 innocent bystanders

“Showtime!”: 54
-A Mangalore shoots the Diva’s manager and her assistant
-The Mangalores storm the Fhloston control room, shooting 1 security guard
-The Mangalores storm the concert hall, shooting 2 security guards and the Diva
-Ruby accidentally shoots the Mangalore he was holding prisoner
-Korben shoots 9 Mangalores
-Korben catapults a Mangalore into the ceiling where he gets stuck, firing his gun wildly and killing 5 other Mangalores accidentally (since Korben got him stuck all these kills arguably go to him)
-Korben shoots the 2 Mangalores manning the missile launcher
-Korben blows up 3 Mangalores with a bomb
-The Mangalores shoot 3 security guards
-Korben shoots 6 Mangalores
-Korben shoots Aknot
-Zorg shoots 5 security guards
-The wounded Akanit blows up himself along with Zorg and 10 other knocked-out Mangalores


-Although Billy insists the Mondoshawans killed Professor Pacoli, he was apparently merely rendered asleep and Billy merely jumped to the conclusion that he was dead. Both the script and novelization support this interpretation, as does the fact the Mondoshawans cherish life and would therefore probably never kill an innocent person.
-Leeloo destroys the Dark Planet at the end. Although the Dark Planet is a sentient entity, since it is not humanoid it technically doesn’t count as a kill.