The Bourne Supremacy (2004): Body Count Breakdown

The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Jason Bourne (Matt Damon): 7
Kirill (Karl Urban): 3
Ward Abbott (Brian Cox): 2


Operation: 2
-Kirill shoots the buyer and Landy’s Agent with a silenced pistol

Attempted Escape: 1
-Kirill snipes Marie in the back of the head

Eliminating The Competition: 4
-Bourne strangles Jarda to death with a garrote wire
-Bourne breaks the gas lines and puts a magazine in a toaster, causing the house to blow up, killing 3 Treadstone Assassins in the blast

“Collateral Damage” 1

-Abbott stabs Danny to death

The Truth: 1
-Abott shoots himself in the mouth

Bourne Remembers: 2

-Bourne shoots Neski’s wife in the chest
-Bourne shoots Neski in the head

Death Chase: 1
-Bourne crashes Kirill’s car into a concrete divider, causing him to crash, killing him on impact


-Bourne beats up the agent interrogating him and the guard next to the agent but doesn’t kill either one
-Several cars are crashed by Kirill in the chase but the crashes didn’t look fatal.