Taken (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Taken (2008): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Bryan Mills-(Liam Neeson) 27


Road Kill: 1
-Peter get’s run over by a truck

Where Did You Get This: 6
Bryan- breaks a guy’s neck
Bryan-shoots a guy
-2 jeeps filp over killing 3 men
-one guy runs in too a bulldozer

I Told You I Find You: 10
Bryan-stabs 2 guys
Bryan-shoots 8 guys

Amanda Death: 1
-Bryan finds Amanda dead from a overdose

Where Is She?: 1
Bryan-shocks a guy too death

Saint-Clair’s Place: 5
Bryan-chops a guy in the throat
Bryan-breaks a guy’s neck
Bryan=shoots 2 guys
Bryan-shoots Saint Clair

The Chase: 1
Bryan-slams a guy’s head in a car door

The Boat Showdown: 7
Bryan-chokes a guy to death
Bryan-shoots 6 guys
Bryan-stabs a guy

I Told You I Would: 1
Bryan-shoots a man in the head to save his daughter