Si da tan zhang [Powerful Four] (1991) Bodycount Breakdown

Si da tan zhang [Powerful Four] (1991) Body Count by luvmetender009


Luk Kong (Danny Lee) – 9 kills
Lui Kit (Simon Yam) – 6 kills
Ho Sum (Kent Cheng) – 4 kills
Yiu Hung (Waise Lee) – 5 kills
Sam (Yeung Ming Wan) – 2 kills


Market Chase – 1
-Luk shoots 1 thug

The Bust – 5
-Lead dealer shoots the police informant in the head
-Luk shoots 1 dealer
-Luk shoots 1 more dealer
-Hung shoots 1 dealer
-Kit shoots 1 dealer (despite having surrendered to him)

“Say no and I’ll kill you” – 1

-Sam cut Chang’s throat

Betrayal/Cabin Shootout – 32
-Sam’s thugs guns down 4 triad seniors and 6 triads
-Kit shoots 5 thugs
-Luk shoots 4 thugs
-Thugs shoots 3 triads
-Hung shoots 1 thugs
-Sum shoots 4 thugs with his machine-gun
-Hung shoots 1 thug
-Hung shoots 1 more thug while sliding out the back of a car
-Hung shoots 1 more thug
-Luk shoots 1 thug
-Luk shoots 1 last thug after catching up with him by rolling downhill in a barrel

The Road/Escape – 2
-Sam flings 1 of his own lieutenants through the front of his car, who gets run over
-Sam is shot in the gut by his own lieutenant


-Ping’s entire hand is hacked off by one of Chang’s goons, but she survived.
-Luk beats up some punks in the penthouse.