Shaft (2000): Body Count Breakdown

Shaft (2000) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson): 18
Walter Wade, Jr. (Christian Bale): 1
Peoples Hernandez (Jeffrey Wright): 1
Carmen Vasquez (Vanessa Williams): 1
Carla Howard (Lynne Thigpen): 1
Jimmy Groves (Ruben Santiago-Hudson): 1


Bar: 1
-Wade beats Trey Howard to death with a metal pole

House: 1
-Peoples throws Big Raymond out of a window

Road: 7
-Shaft shoots 6 thugs and Lucifer

Apartment: 8
-Shaft shoots 5 thugs
-Vasquez shoots Groves
-Groves accidentally shoots Roselli in his death spasms
-Shaft shoots another thug

Car Chase: 5
-Shaft shoots the driver and gunman of the second car, causing it to crash and kill another thug inside
-Shaft shoots Peoples’ driver

Fair Fight: 1
-Shaft shoots Peoples

Revenge: 1
-Carla shoots Wade