Shadow Man (2006): Body Count Breakdown

Shadow Man (2006): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jack Foster (Steven Seagal) – 24
Anya (Eva Pope) – 1
Chambers (Michael Fitzpatrick) -1


Bucharest Airport, Romania – 2
-Bomb explosion blows up Jack’s transport containing 1 driver and 1 escort

Chase – 1
-Thug on motorcycle on full speed collides into a truck

Escape – 5
-Jack booby traps a gramophone, blowing up 1 thug
-Jack shoots 2 thugs with makeshift rifle made from polyester pipes
-Jack hurls a knife into 1 thug’s throat
-Jack shoots 1 thug with his own pistol

“We want to help, Jack” – 2

-Chambers shoots Harry
-Jack shoots Chambers

Nightclub – 6
-Jack smashes 1 bouncer through a table
-2 more bouncers seemingly killed by Jack (Jack didn’t beat them up hard enough, and there’s no indication that he killed them at that point, but a news footage later on announces of a massacre in the nightclub and that every bouncer in the room had died by some way)
-Jack strangles syphilis-infected thug
-Jack shoots the female accountant armed with a machine-gun
-Jack shoots the chief drug dealer

Apartment – 1
-Anya shoots the female cop

Holdup – 2
-Anya finds a corpse
-Jack shoots 1 thug (the other survives)

Rooftop – 1
-Waters’ thugs strangles the traitor

Helicopter Attack – 4
-Jack brings the helicopter down, killing its 2 pilots and 2 gunners

Library – 7

-Jack shoots 4 thugs and Waters
-Jack blows out 1 thug’s eyes and let him bleed out
-Jack kills Amanda’s grandfather with his inner qi’ blowing his insides out

“I am a genius” – 5

-5 scientists gassed to death in biohazard chamber