Quantum of Solace (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Quantum of Solace (2008) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach94)


James Bond (Daniel Craig): 16
Camille Montes (Olga Kurylenko): 3
Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster): 1


Venice Chase: 6
-2 Quantum agents in a car accidentally crash into a truck, killing them both
-The Quantum agents shoot up a police car and cause it to crash, killing the 2 cops inside
-Bond shoots the second car’s driver, causing the car to fly off a cliff and crash, killing the other agent inside

Betrayal: 2
-Mitchell shoots 1 MI6 agent
-Bond shoots Mitchell

“He met a dead end”: 1
-Bond stabs Slate and lets him bleed out

Docks: 1
-1 dead body seen in water, drowned by Greene’s men

Tosca: 4
-Quantum agents accidentally shoot an innocent man
-Bond shoots 2 agents
-The Special Branch agent is shot by Greene’s driver

Roadside: 3
-Mathis is shot by corrupt cops
-Bond shoots the 2 cops

Plane Chase: 1
-The Bolivian plane crashes and explodes, killing the pilot

Consequences: 1
-Agent Fields shown drowned in oil by Greene’s men

Desert Hotel: 11
-Bond shoots Carlos
-Bond shoots 1 henchman
-1 henchman is accidentally run over by Carlos’ driver
-Bond shoots Carlos’ driver, causing his car to crash into the hotel’s fuel cells and destroy them
-Bond shoots 2 henchmen
-Bond knocks out 1 henchman, leaving him to die when the hotel explodes
-Bond shoots Greene’s driver
-Camille shoots 1 henchman
-Camille shoots Orso and pushes him over a railing
-The hotel’s fuel cells blow up Elvis, caused by Bond
-Camille shoots General Medrano


-1 innocent woman is shot by Mitchell at the parade, but she appears to have only been hit in the shoulder.
-Bond also mentions that Mitchell killed another MI6 agent at the Venice base.
-Greene is mentioned at the ending to have been killed by Quantum agents, but this happens offscreen and is only mentioned.