Out For A Kill (2003): Body Count Breakdown

Out For A Kill (2003): Body Count by luvmetender009


Prof. Robert Burns (Steven Seagal, and at least 12 unidentified stunt doubles) – 19
Wong Dai (Chooi Kheng Beh) – 12, at least
Tommie Ling (Michelle Goh) – 3


Bulgarian Nightclub – 49
-Triad massacres 49 people (approximately 12 by Wong Dai, its hard to tell given how it was filmed)

Zaysun Archeological Site – 1
-Triads kills Luo Yi

Funeral – 2
-Burns snaps 1 monk’s neck
-Burns cut 1 monk’s throat

Restaurant – 4
-Triads shoots 1 innocent man
-Burns beats 2 triads to death
-Burns forces 1 triad to shoot himself

Stormy Night – 1
-Maya Burns killed in house explosion

Barbershop – 1
-Burns strangles the Monkey Fist Fighter

Mahjong Parlour – 1
-Burns beats 1 triad to death

Half Moon Restaurant – 1
-Burns drops Tang Zhili out a window

Investigation in Sofia – 3
-Corpse of triad informer seen, dead from suicide
-Burns shoots 2 thugs

Tattoo Parlour – 3

-Tommie shoots 3 thugs

This Gwilo is becoming a problem – 2
-Police car crashes in chase, killing its driver
-Burns strangles Yin Quinshi

Chinese Laundry – 1
-Burns beats Sai Lo to death

Present from Wong Dai – 3

-Wong Dai’s thugs shoots Ed
-Burns shoots 2 thugs

The Crane Flies Above the River, Peaceful Surface Hides Danger – 5
-Burns beats 4 triads into unconsciousness, and left them to die in fire
-Burns decapitates Wong Dai