Ninja (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Ninja (2009): Body Count by Rutledal


Masazuka (Tsuyoshi Ihara): 39
Casey (Scott Adkins): 8
Namiko (Mika Hijii): 3


Story of Yoroi Bitsu: 7
– A ninja kills 7 warriors using various ninja weapons

Vladivostok: 6
– Masazuka kills 5 bodyguards
– Masazuka kills Mr. Klimitov

Dojo of Death: 10
– Masazuka kills 9 students in the dojo
– Masazuka beheads the sensei

“I need you to do a job for me”: 6
– Professor Garrison is shot to death
– One of the Ring’s assassins accidentally kills another
– One of the Ring’s assassins kills Akira
– Ryuu kills 2 assassins
– Ryu is shot dead by an assassin

Coffee Shop: 1
– One civilian accidentally killed by one of the Ring’s assassins

Subway: 3
– A business man is accidentally shot by one of the Ring’s assassins
– Casey throws one of the assassins of the train
– Casey breaks one assassins neck

Boardroom: 1
– Masazuka kills the leader of the assassins

Police Station: 9
– Masazuka slays down 7 cops
– Masazuka shoots 2 cops

Construction Site and Final: 21
– Masazuka kills 3 of the Ring’s assassins with ninja stars
– Masazuka cuts an assassins arm off and lets him bleed out
– Masazuka shoots 4 assassins*
– Casey kills 4 assassins with ninja stars
– Namiko kills an assassin using a bow and arrow
– Namiko kills another two assassins with her bow and arrow
– Masazuka drives his katana through an assassins chest
– Adkins kills an assassin with a kusarigama
– Masazuka shoots 3 assassins
– Masazuka causes an assassin to crash and die
– Casey beheads Masazuka


* There is a lot of smoke so it’s hard to tell how many people are standing in his line of fire, I counted 4 definitive, but there could have been more.