Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Liu Kang-(Robin Shou) 4
Shao Kahn-(Brian Thompson) 3
Sonya Blade-(Sandra Hess) 3
Princess Kitana-(Talisa Soto) 1
Jax Briggs-(Lynn Red Williams) 1
Cyrax-(J.J. Perry) 8
Sub-Zero-(Keith Cooke) 1


IT Has Begun: 1
Shao Kahn-breaks Johnny Cage’s neck

Kitana is Taken: 2
Kitana-knocks a guy down a hole
Zero/Liu-Sub-Zero freeze smoke and then Liu Kang kicks him and he blows up

This Will Never Happen Again: 1
Shao Kahn-knocks Rain in too the fire with a giant hammer

The Man With The Metal Arms: 9
Cyrax-shoots a acid web on too a guy and he turns to bones
Sonya-burns Cyrax up
Cyrax- blows up after he dies and blows the place up with 7 guys inside

Death OF A Sister: 1
Sonya-kicks Mileena in the face and kills her

Saving Kitana: 2
Liu Kang-kicks one of the Barakas in too the fire
Liu Kang-cuts the chain and the cage falls on Sheeva crushing her

You Get What is coming Too You: 1
-monster come’s out of the wall and eats Jade

The Final Battle: 4

Shao Kahn-shoots Rayden with a blass and kills him
Jax-kicks Motaro in the head and kills him
Sonya-breaks Ermac’s neck
Liu Kang-kicks Shao Kang in the face and makes him filp back and a dragon rips out of his back