Mission: Impossible II (2000): Body Count Breakdown

Mission: Impossible II (2000) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregglop09)


Hugh Stamp (Richard Roxburgh): 69
Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise): 27
Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames): 3
Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott/Tom Cruise): 3 (2 as Scott, 1 as Cruise)
Wallis (William Mapother): 1
Ulrich (Dominic Purcell): 1


Rocky Mountains: 69
-Ambrose (disguised as Ethan) breaks Dr. Nekhorvich’s neck
-Stamp causes the plane to crash, killing the co-pilot, the navgiator, and 66 other people onboard

Briefing: 1

-Captain MacIntosh shown dead in photos, killed by Ambrose’s men

Demonstration: 1
-Dr. Gradski shown dead from the Chimera virus

Biocyte: 14
-The receptionist is shot by mercenaries
-Ethan shoots 6 mercenaries
-1 dead security guard shown on the floor, killed by mercenaries
-Ethan shoots 2 more mercenaries
-Ambrose shoots 1 security guard
-Wallis and Ulrich both shoot 1 security guard
-Stamp shoots 1 security guard
-Ethan shoots another mercenary

Cliff: 1*
-Ethan kicks 1 guard along the cliffside into the ocean

Plant: 6
-Ethan breaks Simon’s neck with his legs
-Ethan shoots an explosive, blowing up 2 bodyguards
-Ethan blows up some chemical containers with a grenade, killing 2 more bodyguards in the blast
-Ambrose mistakenly shoots Stamp, thinking he’s Ethan

Escape: 4
-Ethan shoots some chemical containers, causing them to blow up 1 guard
-Ethan shoots 1 guard
-Ethan shoots 2 bikers

Chase: 10
-Luther blows up a car carrying 3 mercenaries with a grenade launcher
-Ethan blows up another car carrying 2 mercenaries
-Ethan causes a car carrying Wallis, Ulrich, and another mercenary to be hit by a semi truck and blown up
-Ethan shoots up a jeep, causing it to crash and explode, killing the 2 mercenaries inside

Beach: 1

-Ethan shoots Ambrose

[NOTE: Cruise’s final tally is 28. He kills 27 as Hunt, and 1 as Ambrose in disguise.]


-There could’ve been more people on the plane than 68, but those are all that are shown.
*This isn’t clearly shown at first, but his body rolls down the hill at a fast speed and isn’t there afterwards.