Loaded Weapon 1 (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Loaded Weapon 1 (1993): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Jack Colt-(Emilio Estevez) 9
Wes Luger-(Samuel L. Jackson) 2
Jigsaw-(Tim Curry) 6


Mini-Mart Shootout: 2
Jack-shoots 2 guys through the window

The Cookie Man: 1

Jigsaw-shoots Billy

Where Is The Microfilm: 5

Jigsaw-shoots Mike McCracken and 4 women off screen

Building Shootout: 1
-Rick Becker gets shot in the back through a window

Drug Deal: 1
-a guy trys the coke and turns in too a skeleton

Wes FlashBack: 1

-old woman gets run over off screen

Ship Dock: 6

Jack-accidently throws a bomb in the water killing 6 divers

The Final Showdown: 2
Wes-shoots General Curtis Mortars
Jack/Wes-both shoot Jigsaw together