Live and Let Die (1973): Body Count Breakdown

Live and Let Die (1973) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Rorschach94)


James Bond (Roger Moore): 8
Whisper (Earl Jolly Brown): 1
Dambala (Michael Ebbin): 1


Opening: 3
-Agent Dawes is electrocuted by an assassin in New York
-Agent Hamilton is stabbed to death by an assassin in New Orleans
-Dambala kills Agent Baines with a snake

Road: 1
-Whisper shoots Charlie

“Take this honky out and waste him!”: 1
-Bond smashes 1 thug’s head with a fire escape (as per Mr. Big’s disalogue later on saying that Bond killed one of the “brothas” in Harlem; this is the most fatal)

Island: 1
-Rosie Carver shot by a statue

Boat Chase: 1
-Bond pours gasoline on Adam and causes him to crash into a boat and blow up

Fields: 3
-Bond shoots Dambala
-Bond shoots 1 thug
-Bond punches Baron Samedi into snake pit, where the snakes eat him and he is killed*

Underground Hideout: 2
-Bond kicks Whisper into a metal container and locks him in; his breathing problem means he would surely asphyxiate
-Bond feeds Kanaga a shark pellet, causing him to inflate and explode

Train: 1
-Bond throws Tee Hee off the train


-CIA Agent Harold Strutter is very heavily implied dead, but it’s never seen.
-Bond lights a building on fire at the farm, but it’s unknown if anyone was still inside.
-Same goes for the heroin farms that are blown up at the end, no one is seen when it blows up.
-Bond also kicks a thug off some rocks at the island, but it’s impossible to tell how high it was from the ground.
*I counted Samedi as a kill since no reference is made to him being supernatural.