License To Kill (1989): Body Count Breakdown

License To Kill (1989) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Kooshmeister)


James Bond (Timothy Dalton): 10
Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi): 2
Perez (Guy de Saint Cyr): 1
Dario (Benecio del Toro): 1
Ed Killifer (Everett McGill): 1
Clive (Eddie Edenfield): 1
Loti (Diana Lee Hsu): 1
Colonel Heller (Don Stroud): 1
Braun (Alejandro Bracho): 1
Kwang (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa): 1


Give Her His Heart: 2
-Perez strangles Alvarez’s bodyguard
-Dario cuts out Alvarez’s heart offscreen (we hear him scream)

Sanchez’s Escape: 1
-Killifer knocks out the transport van driver and he drowns when the van drives into the ocean

Retribution: 1
-Della is shown to be killed by Sanchez’s thugs (while Dario, Perez, and Braun were all there, it’s unknown which one of them’s responsible)

“What a terrible waste…of money!”: 3
-Bond knocks out 1 guard and locks him in an incubator full of maggots (Hawkins later mentions 3 dead bodies, so I assume he asphyxiated)
-Bond pulls 1 guard into a tank of electric eels where he gets electrocuted
-Bond knocks Killifer into the shark pool and he is devoured

Compliments of Sharkey: 3
-Sharkey is killed by the Wave Krest crew offscreen (we see the body)
-Bond shoots Clive, the diver who killed Sharkey, with a speargun
-Bond pushes 1 of the seaplane pilots out of the plane to his death

Bar: 1
-Bond shoots 1 thug

Captured: 5
-The male ninja is crushed by a falling beam from the tank’s blast
-Fallon is killed by falling debris from explosion, against caused by the tank’s blast
-Loti shoots 1 soldier
-Heller shoots Loti
-Kwang commits suicide with a cyanide pill

“Launder it”: 1
-Sanchez puts Krest in a decompression airlock, causing his head to explode

Factory Finale: 2
-Bond shoves Dario into a cocaine-crushing machine
-Braun impales Heller with a forklift

Truck Chase: 4
-Sanchez shoots Truman-Lodge
-Bond pours gasoline into the path of the truck with Perez and Braun in it; as the wheels are aflame, it catches fire and goes flying off a cliff
-Bond uses Felix’s cigarette lighter to set the gasoline-soaked Sanchez on fire


-The second seaplane pilot is thrown out at a much lower altitude, so he survives; he is seen floundering in the water and the Wave Krest captain yells, “Pick him up!”
-The driver of the second tanker is shown running away from his wrecked vehicle seconds before the stinger hit; it is not clear whether he got away in time (especially since he isn’t in the wide shot of the truck exploding).
-The driver of the third tanker is shown unmoving with the fourth tanker driver tending to him; it is unclear if he is dead or unconscious.