John Woo’s Once A Thief (1996) Bodycount Breakdown

John Woo’s Once A Thief (1996) Body Count by luvmetender009


Michael Tang (Michael Wong) – 10 kills
Mac Ramsey (Ivan Sergei) – 9 kills
Victor Mansfield (Nicholas Lea) – 4 kills
Li Ann Tsei (Sandrine Holt) – 1 kill


“You pressure a man, he becomes your enemy” – 1
-Mr. Fong is blown up by a car bomb placed by Michael

Flower Mill – 9
-Mac shoots 1 thug on a balcony with dual pistols
-Michael accidntally shoots 1 thug trapped by Mac in a corner
-Michael shoots 1 more of his own on a scaffolding when trying to shoot the fleeing Mac
-Mac kicks 1 thug off a tall balcony where he falls on top of a stack of crates and falls unconscious (he survives for the moment)
-Michael deliberately shoots 2 of his own
-The warehouse explodes, caused by Michael shooting at several drums and igniting th place, blowing up the 1 thug knocked out by Mac earlier and 3 more remaining behind

Alley – 1
-Victor shoots the assasin

Office – 1
-Mr. Graves is shot by his own bodyguard

“Get lost!!! We don’t leave for 5 minutes!!!” – 1
-Li shoots 1 of Michael’s men

Docks – 18
-Mac shoots 2 thugs
-Mac shoots oil drums blowing up 6 thugs
-Victor shoots 2 thugs
-3 more thugs are shot, and 3 more blown up, but because of the choppy editing and shaky-cam its hard to tell who killed them
-Victor shoots 1 more thug from up close
-Michael crashes himself into the docks (suicide)


-Li gasses several thugs with a fire extinguisher in the warehouse but they lived.
-Michael beats up many, many mobsters in the nightclub.
-1 thug is seen unconscious after crashing in the end of the car chase, it is never confirmed if he died.
-Li shoots another of Michael’s thugs (in the crotch!!!) during her personal confrontation with him, but when the scene cuts he’s still alive.
-Some thugs were knocked into the docks during the final shootout, they could’ve lived.