Huo yun chuan qi [Fire Dragon] (1994) Bodycount Breakdown

Huo yun chuan qi [Fire Dragon] (1994) Body Count by luvmetender009


Fire Dragon/Fo Lung (Brigitte Lin) – 28 kills (Watch here)

Snow (Carrie Ng) – 13 kills

Yuen Ming (Max Mok Siu Chung) – 11 kills

Chun (Joe Chu) – 12 kills


Pai Li Mu Gates – 13
-Lung sets 2 soldiers on fire with her fire palm technique
-Lung cuts down 2 soldiers with her flaming sword
-2 dead soldiers seen in the background, killed by Lung
-Lung cuts down 1 soldier
-5 additional corpses seen, all killed by Lung as well
-Lung impales Cheng Lui (he succumbs later on)

Banquet – 12
-Lung kills 12 soldiers

Night Raid – 2
-Snow kills Master and Madame Ng

Decisions, Decisions – 11
-Snow slashes 1 guard
-Snow arrows 10 guards

Silencing Any Survivors – 1
-Snow sets the elder on fire

Forest Fight/Settling Matters – 1
-Lung impales Snow, before setting her on fire, and causing her to crash headfirst into a wall

Final Battle / “I’m the law, and you’re all going to hell!!” – 23
-Ming and Chun throws dynamites at the same time, blowing up 2 soldiers
-Chun smashes 8 soldiers’ heads with his nun-chucks
-Ming cuts down 9 soldiers
-Chun kills 2 more other soldiers

-Lung attaches Ming’s leftover explosives upon Prince Luk, then sacrifices herself to throw him into a burning pile